Problems updating ipod touch to 4 1

Since it’s release at the end of January, i Folks report a bunch of i Device and other i OS 10.2.1 problems. We’re used to it…According to Apple, i OS 10.2.1 protects users from “maliciously crafted web content leading to arbitrary code execution, exfiltrate data cross-origin, and preventing a malicious website from opening popups.” That’s a mouthful!

First, if you backup your photos on i Cloud, open the desktop i Cloud site and take a look at your photographs online.These are the programs that make your i Pod Touch functional and fun.You can choose from thousands of free apps, or purchase apps with a credit card or i Tunes gift card.Some folks report that after updating, their i Phones or cellular i Pads no longer connect to cellular data reliably.Readers tell us that their mobile network does not work anymore and that they can only access the internet when connected through Wireless Lan. If that doesn’t work perform a hard reset by holding the power key and home button (or down volume button for i Phone 7s and above).As long as your have a network connection on your i Pod or a connection to i Tunes on a computer, you can quickly download and install new apps.


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