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Anderson that the death penalty violated the state constitution.

The Aikens case was dismissed as moot since all death sentences in California were reduced to life imprisonment. Georgia case, the resident awoke in the middle of the night to find William Henry Furman committing burglary in his house.

The proxy also returns its contained DBAPI connection to the pool when it is garbage collected, though it’s not deterministic in Python that this occurs immediately (though it is typical with c Python). This is so that any existing transaction on the connection is removed, not only ensuring that no existing state remains on next usage, but also so that table and row locks are released as well as that any isolated data snapshots are removed.

This behavior can be disabled using the The connection pool has the ability to refresh individual connections as well as its entire set of connections, setting the previously pooled connections as “invalid”.

So maybe it’s worth taking another look (following my September 2014 blog post, When Are Online Arbitration Agreements Enforceable?

) at arbitration language in light of a recent case. Very simply, an arbitration agreement, or arbitration clause, is language that requires any dispute to go to arbitration rather than a jury trial in a court.

A connection pool is a standard technique used to maintain long running connections in memory for efficient re-use, as well as to provide management for the total number of connections an application might use simultaneously.

Particularly for server-side web applications, a connection pool is the standard way to maintain a “pool” of active database connections in memory which are reused across requests.

I have yet to have someone tell me, “I found the greatest website, their terms of use are the coolest!

This case led to a de facto moratorium on capital punishment throughout the United States, which came to an end when Gregg v. Texas with the Furman decision, and thus also invalidated the death penalty for rape (this ruling was confirmed post-Gregg in Coker v. The Court had also intended to include the case of Aikens v.

The decision ruled on the requirement for a degree of consistency in the application of the death penalty.

238 (1972) was a criminal case in which the United States Supreme Court struck down all death penalty schemes in the United States in a 5-4 decision, with each member of the majority writing a separate opinion.

Georgia was decided in 1976 to allow the death penalty. California, but between the time Aikens had been heard in oral argument and a decision was to be issued, the Supreme Court of California decided in California v.


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