Php script for updating tvshow files version 3

Therefor I advise not simply to copy-paste any code or file content before having inspected it.iii) To do this setup, you will do some Linux command line: working with ssh,vi and browsing through the file structure.

Also I working knowledge of Python basics might come in handy, although the scripts I propose for moving files etc.

php script for updating tvshow files version 3-90

Here are some improvements that you may notice: The end result is now in the addons, so anyone with this installed should have it by now.

To do all this I switched the scraping over to using The TVDB as its data source.

It makes use of the update zip files to efficiently grab only shows that have changes, so it can update more frequently during the day (by default it checks every 8 hours) as well as updating when the user enters the guide display (also defaults to 8 hours).

If you use wget, be sure to use the --trust-server-names option if you plan to install the file via xbmc.

After installation, you should exit XBMC and start it up again so that the background updating process gets going on the new code (assuming that your skin starts it up).


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