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The agreement must also clearly describe the payment obligations and the process a customer may take to file a complaint against the payday lender.

A payday lender can only have one outstanding payday loan per customer for a loan amount of up to 0.

We know you need straight forward answers to make an informed decision about using a loan product.

Instead of short-term financial relief, the customer experiences perpetual indebtedness.

Typically, payment is made from the customer's next paycheck.

To qualify, the customer usually only needs personal identification, a checking account, and proof of anticipated income from a job or governmental benefits.

Our highly trained Customer Care Team will answer any questions about the products and process and review the terms and conditions with you to ensure you understand how the borrowing and repayment process work. Money Key is committed to Responsible Lending and encourages you to use our products responsibly.

Money Key and its unaffiliated third-party lenders offer an online short-term, small dollar personal loan called a Single-Pay Loan.


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