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After filing for bankruptcy, he sold Without Walls's 13-acre property on W Columbus Drive, moved to a modest lease on Kennedy Boulevard and took over a local soup kitchen.He paid off creditors and in 2014, declared the church debt-free."Not everything is perfect in my life, but I don't think everything is perfect in anybody's life."White, a megachurch pastor and televangelist in Florida, has long been a controversial figure in Christian circles, where many find fault with her promotion of the "prosperity gospel," which teaches that God bestows health and wealth on true believers, particularly those who donate money to ministers.

While Randy and Paula didn’t have any kids together, she was a step mother to Randy’s three kids from his previous marriage, Kristen Renee, Angie, and Brandon and of course, she was mother to her own son from her previous marriage, Bradley."I have been called a heretic, an apostate, an adulterer, a charlatan, and an addict.It has been falsely reported that I once filed for bankruptcy and -- my personal favorite -- that I deny the Trinity!At the writing of that letter, Pastor Benny and his children didn’t know why she did it.Pastor Benny maintained that there was no immorality in his life or Suzanne’s.But Tampa's most talked about evangelist says the naysayers underestimated him and his church.


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