Park so hyun dating

He also laughed when the interviewer Lina Kwon reminded him to not use of his catch phrase in the drama, "Get lost! He admitted, that after 10 years of experience as quoted by Naver and translated to English, he becomes more technical in his acting approach.Therefore, when Park hinted him for an impromptu acting, he welcomed her idea and it turned out well.On the other hand, Sandara Park will also talk about 2NE1‘s disbandment as one of the “talk buskers” in the episode.Comparing Park Min-young with the much younger Kim So-hyun seems inappropriate in many ways.

Park Min-young is 36 years old and has a slew of successful dramas under her belt, while Kim So-hyun is only 18 years old and has much more experience to gather.

Before all of his found fame as the K-Pop star of Fantagio Entertainment, he was known as the flower boy with multiple talents.

He’s known to be able to play the violin, guitar and piano – all the while acing his classes as a model student!

Jung is an actor with 10 years of experience and his new drama "Cinderella and Four Knights" aired in tv N has garnered him more international recognition.

In an interview with Arirang TV English program Showbiz Korea, he acknowledged being nicknamed "uselessly handsome" by his co-star Park So-Dam.


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