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That's what I learned after talking with dating services for tips about what works and, more important, doesn't work when you're trying to attract a date. Data shows that profile pictures like these -- extremes that forget the point is to present an attractive self-- ultimately don't work.And being good at online dating isn't just about the hookup culture, it's about potentially finding your life (or next) partner.There are many opinions and even studies on what constitutes a good dating profile picture, and the deeper we delve into the finer points, the more the advice tends to become situational. Following the advice below should help you avoid common mistakes and provide a very good starting point.

But aside from panned-out shots providing a sense of your real size and hiding the right side of your face, there are lots of little tricks you can use while actually taking the photo that can be the difference between a swipe left or right.

So what are the best ways to boost the odds of finding that special someone with whom to share your heart and Wi-Fi password? Online dating service Ok Cupid looked at the data of various sexual orientations, and the pattern was obvious.

Tip: If you upload more than one photo, you get at least twice as many likes. Well, you've got a leg up if you're a pet owner with frequent flier miles.

Although it’s not exactly a magic formula, today the team over at has up a detailed guide to creating the so-called “perfect” online dating profile, as told through a series of 25 neat infographics.

They worked with data crunchers at Ok Cupid and to identify the 1,000 most popular words on men and women’s profiles and used the results to come up with the blend of activities, photos, favorite movies, and cat references most likely to help you snag a date.


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