Office 2016 not validating

However, Microsoft will continue to support the 2013 version through the year 2026.

We had problems with QB versioin 2016 not working very well with Office 2016 and had to downgrade office to 2013.

After February 28, 2017, Office 365 subscribers can no longer download or install Office 2013, Visio 2013, or Project 2013 from their Office 365 My Account web page.

If you need to reinstall a 2013 version because of incompatibility issues, contact your admin.

I am hoping QB 2017 has resolved the problem - biggest problem was emailing from Outlook 365 on version 2016.

I am about to install QB 2017 but am also replacing a workstation so need to know if I can now go ahead and load Office 2016 on it, then install QB 2017 .

Yes, it’s a bad habit, since updating the suite also protects the system from security issues.

Office 20 Licensing Your installation of Microsoft Office needs to check in with MIT's license server at least once every 180 days to remain operational, via the MIT network.

If you are running Microsoft Office from off-campus, you must be connected to the MIT network via Cisco VPN.

Hi Carolyn, Yes, it is compatible with Office 2016, see link below:

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