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With today’s clemency order, she will be released in May 2017 after having served seven years in prison. Chelsea pled guilty and will face the consequences for many of the charges against her.But the military sentenced her to 35 years in prison, a longer sentence than anyone else in U. history has received for disclosing information to the news media.Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge and Theodore Roosevelt also issued more than 1,000.It’s important to note that executive orders are just one type of unilateral action presidents can take. But the attention grabber is the Houston-based company’s target: Julian Assange, the founder of Wiki Leaks, whose steady dumps of leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign have given supporters of Donald Trump the only cheering news of the last few weeks.Wiki Leaks claims the dating site is “a highly suspicious and likely fabricated” company."It is something that we should protect and he wanted to make it very clear that anything that undermined Israel, which is a great friend of the united states, he was going to make sure his voice was heard. But look, what is the hit, that he's been unbelievably successful so far as a President-elect?

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Whether they're holding hands during public appearances or embarrassing daughters Malia and Sasha by stealing a smooch, Michelle and Barack have set a standard for presidential couples to come — and reminded us what "family values" actually looks like.On sensitive issues of diplomacy and national security, Trump has displayed a continued willingness to pressure and contradict President Barack Obama, eschewing a "one president at a time" policy that Obama insists must govern the peaceful transition of power.The most forceful example came Thursday, as diplomats at the United Nations were preparing for a vote in the Security Council on a resolution rebuking Israel for its settlement activity in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.In turn, the company lashed out at Assange on Thursday and “his despicable activities against American national security,” and warned journalists to “check with your libel lawyers first before printing anything that could impact or endanger innocent people’s lives.” So why are the parties to the melee coming out with both barrels blazing?That remains a mystery of the kind that might take a Wiki Leaks-style document dump to suss out. request, Wiki Leaks says] The online company paints itself as all-American.Bush issued and the lowest average since Grover Cleveland, who issued 32 per year during his eight nonconsecutive years in office, according to data from the American Presidency Project at the University of California at Santa Barbara.


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