Newegg tracking not updating

The tracking information will be provided once the shipping carrier has picked up your package and scanned it in to their tracking system.Once the shipping carrier has scanned the package, the tracking status will show an origin scan or something similar. there was a report on the news today about bogus websites made to look like the real thing.......... However, the prices were very nice on this website (It seems legit) so I ordered before I did my research. I'm usually very cautious and can identify legit websites with the "Lock" and Https as well as using BBB if possible. he's sick but I want to surprise him with some stuff that will make him smile. But I don't want to put my name or address on the box because his parents have no idea who I am..

You may click on the tracking number hyperlink or copy and paste the tracking number onto the shipping carrier’s website.

On the Log In Assistance page, you will have the option to either reset your password or receive an email with your Newegg ID.

Once logged in to your Newegg account, you will be redirected to the Newegg homepage.

One of my shoes is supposed to arrive in 3 days so we'll see. I also ordered from newegg on the 18th on 5-8 day shipping and it still hasn't arrived.

My research showed that there were complaints about the company running out of stock and not updating the website or delaying orders but as long as I get what I paid for I'm okay with it.


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