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wait until you manage multiple VTL's robotic control and Direct Copy (NDMP) to dupe ...

I'm a Unix guru and I would warn you that if you are the least bit squimish about Unix, you better stay away from Solaris. I meant to send update about this but didn't realize I need to subscribe to my own posts to get updates on them. Anyway, this issue was due to a bug with the 6.5.4/MSSQL and support suggested that I downgrade to 6.5.3; This ...

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Using Smart Share to Access Your PC's Media Files Using the LG Smart TV as a Computer Monitor Community Q&A Your LG Smart TV can do a lot more than just watch TV channels.

I would only recommend a Linux implementation if you're a newbie. You can always enable and assign an alternate media server under the Duplicate job of the SLP and prevent this, but be sure you have enough drives that can read and write medias on this alternate box. I've also found that a bad fiber cable can cause these as well; This is the joy of having a system with lots of parts!

I suggest eliminating one thing at a time, the easiest (well, at least for me) has always been start at the tape drive ... I kind of figured that it would be a manual process and it is a shame that Symantec hasn't picked up on this yet.

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then you will feel the pain of sgscan (oh and never have the GUI restart the media managers services unless you need to take ... I didn't set this up, but it looks like the STUG that is used for backups is set to use the "Media Server Load Balancing" option and the STUG that is used for the duplication uses the "Round Robin" option ...


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