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According to TMZ, Carter broke up with his girlfriend Madison Parker in the days leading up to his announcement.The couple dated for over a year, and a source close to the couple states that they still “love each other and respect each other dearly.” Here’s what you need to know about Parker and her relationship with Carter: In an interview with Hollywood Life, Carter revealed that he and Parker had been dating for 6 months, meaning that their relationship started sometime in late 2016.It read: “I never had a woman who appreciated and understood what family is all about.I love you my ethnic beautiful woman.” Parker responded with a lengthy caption: To feel this kind of love from you makes me believe that there is such things as soul mates.

The minute-long "Midnight Whispers" is nothing but interview chatter fading into "The Return of Sam Snead", which adds several layers of voices and sets them against a quivering sound that could be a time-stretched guitar or might be a late-period Eddie synth.The lead tone on "The Return of Sam Snead" eventually shatters into smaller pieces, some of which spin off into little loops of their a decent record with at least one great moment, but I can't help but wonder: what made Tim Hecker want to build an EP around the sights and sounds of Van Halen?More recently, artists like Ultra Red, Terre Thaemlitz and Matthew Herbert have taken sounds and shaped them to comment on immigration (Ultra Red's ), among other hot topics.But as Montreal's Tim Hecker demonstrates, not all recontextualization need be so political.Recontextualization is one of the oldest ideas in electronic music.


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