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Dr Newell disagrees: "Disability is not inherently bad.

Not yet thinking about her potential questions, I had so many of my own: Do you have the puberty and sex talks separately? ” Needless to say, I’ve acquired much more info and experience on the subject over a lifetime.

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UNAIDS defines sex workers as: Female, male and transgender adults and young people who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual services, either regularly or occasionally.As some of things began happening with my daughter, we began talking about how her body is changing, the need for good hygiene and grooming, and how more changes will be coming.In Mumbai, also known as 'Maximum City' where 20 million people live, female and transgender sex workers face limited access to healthcare, social discrimination, uncertain income and police harassment.Devata recalls: “In earlier days, the gharwali could force the girls to have sex without a condom and the incidence of infection was high.The gharwali would not allow the girls to access health services, and if any services were provided the girls were overcharged and this money was added to her loan amount." Sex workers rarely able to prioritise their health needs and are often not aware of the importance of preventive healthcare.So, what are the answers to those questions I had about when and how to approach this topic with my own children, so that I am building up a healthy knowledge of their sexuality instead of a distorted one? I decided to take my cues from my daughter, ask friends with older daughters what they had done, and make sure I was informed about when girls are getting their periods these days.


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