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The Hive Mind battle is quite tough but it is not impossible to get through with a bit of patience and a lot of med-kits.

When you really think about it, the game of football is all about intimidation.

ideo game bosses have been around ever since video games were first made resulting into some pretty memorable boss battles.

Some bosses are a ton of fun and then sometimes we come across a pretty frustrating one, that might make you break your controller in plain anger for not being able to defeat them.

For instance, Schmidt Meyer was designated to people who were stewards of landholders.

Most names derive either from archaic professions (Schmidt, Müller, Weber, Schäfer) or places.

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Consider: -The year is 1885 in England, but the monster himself might not be English, so nationality is not a limitation -His name could be simple and old-fashioned--like Eduard--or it could be somewhat more unusual--like Valko (Bulgarian for "wolf") -List anything I might find interesting!!

Sauer ​- sour See also popular German surnames for an overview of German last names with their English meaning.

Here's the character: A wolf-like monster (google Beast of Gevaudan) who's four-thirds of a normal man's size.

A last name is something that you are born with and is an important element of your identity.

Hence, when a baby is born (or for a considerable period before that), most parents start sifting through baby books or the internet in the hope of finding that one perfect name.


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