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As ever, we're hopeful that this year finally brings the good news on the stadium front that we all want to hear.

The club's first opportunity to deliver a positive progress announcement will be at the AGM on the 4th of January, we all look forward to hearing the dockside stadium is confirmed, but, whatever stunning renderings are promoted, and no doubt Dan Meis will deliver what's needed, perhaps it's wise to highlight a problem that all of Everton's past failures had in common, a problem that has exacerbated and extended Everton's decades long stadium search....a lack of a plan B.

So, we’re basically combining the home-crowd intensity with the ability of the team for the upcoming fall.

So, who are the folks we might invite over to our tailgate, and who are the ones we pray don’t sit next to us on an airplane?#9 Estadio Vallecas, Rayo Vallecano Estadio Vallecas is the home of Rayo Vallecano, an extremely left-wing and working class football club.Their stadium replicates their beliefs due to its size.It is not uneasonable to suggest that since 2000 the club has little more than survived through loans and the sale of assets whilst our peers have prospered, but now we must look to the future, not blindly, but with cautious optimism.The board has been changed from what was little more than a token body to one designed to address the challenges that Everton now need to address; readers can forgive KEIOC for raising an eyebrow at one or two of the appointments, particularly one that has had a long and calamitous association with the club throughout the Kenwright era, a person once described by David Gill as delivering the square root of nothing.But after an appearance on the Cole Cubelic Show on Tuesday morning, the former Sooner-turned-Aggie may not seem quite so bad to many Tennessee fans.


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