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Emma Lou Harris, a mom blogger from Ireland, was in the mood. It turns out, Frankie lost her pacifier and needed someone to help her find it.

It’s Joe, it was the noise accompanied by him leaping off me higher than a kangaroo hurdler while very nearly giving himself a home circumcision from the ceiling fan in the process.”When she finally looked up, Harris saw her 3-year-old daughter, Frankie, standing beside the bed in her My Little Pony nightgown. Puts her soother in and goes back to sleep,” wrote Harris. I can’t say for definite if she saw too much or if she saw anything at all.

“My client voluntarily surrendered to police and we are awaiting the paperwork indicating the basis for the new charges,” said Ramos’s lawyer, Edward Gavin.

In these emails, she was allegedly able to see two videos showing the children being sexually abused.'These last few months have been excruciating to watch the emotional affects this had on everyone around me.'The court also heard from the mother of the younger teen, who wrote in her victim impact statement that was read aloud on her behalf that her son is currently in therapy after suffering emotional and psychological damage as a result of Lajiness' conduct.‘Your actions will affect my son and his relationships with others for the rest of his life,’ she said.Prosecutors asked the judge to hand Lajiness the harshest punishment available under the state sentencing guidelines, calling her a 'predator.'Assistant County Prosecutor John Vella said Lajiness' husband of 16 years, David, had written a letter to the judge suggesting that his wife's insomnia was to blame for her actions.‘Nobody's putting the blame on where it deserves, which it was this defendant's actions that brought her here.Laura Ramos, 31, was placed on administrative leave when the first allegations surfaced. Ramos gave herself up to Bridgeport police Wednesday when she was told about a warrant for her arrest for allegedly having sexual relations with a student inside a restaurant in Shelton, CTPost reported.The Milford woman has been charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault and released on ,000 bond.When given a chance to speak before her sentencing, an emotional Lajiness read from a statement, calling what happened ’the biggest regret of my life.’ She also said she caused her family ‘great pain’ and was tormented by the thought that she will not be able to provide for her children while serving her sentence.


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