Mobile teen dating

But the good news is that it's available now and offers real common sense, as well as practical and road-tested principles of parenting.

Don't wait to read it until your daughters are sixteen read it when they are twelve and be prepared!

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence has launched a new mobile app designed to give parents of teens and preteens advice on how to best discuss topics around communication and relationships.

The Raising Respect app, available on both Apple and Android devices, navigates topics such as The app is designed to encourage parents to begin conversations with their children before they start dating and forming relationships outside the home and help parents navigate what can be delicate topics.

But alongside the blizzards and romance, February is also Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, an opportunity for all of us to get educated and raise awareness about the dark side of relationships experienced by scores of young people in our community each year.

The numbers tell us that adolescents are especially vulnerable to experiencing abuse.

It includes articles written by professionals in the field of domestic violence and prevention and includes tips on how to approach conversations with your teen.

Nationally, 1 in 3 teenagers report knowing a friend who has been hit, punched, kicked, slapped, strangled or physically hurt by their boyfriend or girlfriend.“This app will not only prepare parents to discuss sensitive subjects such as physical violence and sexual abuse, but it can help build the foundation for enjoying a lifetime of healthy relationships.” Learn more at Raising Respect was developed through a grant from the Heinz Foundation.Are you, or someone you know, a victim of teen dating violence?Check out the link below for a brochure on teen dating violence, "Love Doesn't Have to Hurt".Through these conversations, we work to give them the skills and resources they need to have respectful, positive relationships in adolescence and beyond.


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