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Majority of Christian dogma has jack shit to do with anything said in the Bible.

If the practitioners do not practice what Jesus taught, it isn't Christianity although it may be based on its influence.

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Internet Slang is also sometimes called AOL speak, AOLese, AOLbonics, netspeak, or leetspeak (although leetspeak traditionally involves replacing letters with numbers and is reseved for games). While it does save keystrokes, netspeak can prove very hard to read. Teenagers are increasingly using video chat systems to communicate with others, however, little research has been conducted to explore how and why they use the technology.To better understand this design space, we present the results of a study of twenty teenagers and their use of video chat systems such as Skype, Face Time, and Google Hangouts.Our results show that video chat plays an important role in helping teenagers socialize with their friends after school and on weekends where it allows them to see emotional reactions and participate in activities like shared homework sessions, show and tell, and performances over distance. You get to feel bloated and crampy and mad for however many days, and for what?


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