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"The cracks were beginning to show on Cara's birthday in August when Annie wasn't there for her party," the source said. In a new interview, the 26-year-old actress revealed she previously met the royal, 31, through a mutual friend — and she now texts him all the time! (Photo Credit: Getty Images) "He's pretty quick on text actually," Margot recently told ."Unlike me — I write back four days later, weeks later sometimes." MUST SEE: Prince Harry Gets Called Out for His Shocking Misbehavior — Get the Details!

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A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “Jared’s crazy about Margot, and he isn’t shy about showing it.” The outlet’s supposed insider further purports Leto often texts his co-star and has even sent her a bouquet of flowers, and these supposed gestures have upset Ackerley.Margot Robbie isn't exactly open to online dating, but may peek at a profile every now and then.In a new interview with Elle magazine, the "Suicide Squad" stunner revealed that technology "freaks her out a bit." "I don't even know how to Direct Message someone on Instagram. I send thank you notes, not emails, even if I'm staying at a friend's house or something. But the single actress is intrigued by dating apps.After all, it can be spelled in a variety of ways—Margaux, Margo, Margot."I always said, 'Mom—there was a really cool way of spelling my name, and you picked the boring way that gets everyone confused.“There’s only so much he can take,” adds the magazine’s seemingly manufactured source.


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