Manager of pid file quit without updating failed

만약 mysql 의 데이터 디렉토리가 /usr/local/mysql/data 라면 다음과 같이 해보자.

The file in the mysql data folder is gone and mysql just wont behave without it.

For example, I experienced this problem today after upgrading the Apache and Ruby (Yes, My SQL is not part of the update), and I got this error message afterward.

Manager of pid-file quit without updating file.[Falure] Note that after this service mysql restart fails as well: magare:~$ sudo service mysql restart My SQL manager or server PID file could not be found! Manager of pid-file quit without updating f[Fail] How to repeat: Make sure you have nothing in /var/lib/mysql and /var/lock/subsys/mysql.

The mysql.socket is no longer visible in /tmp eventhough mysql thinks it is.

Getting these bad boy errors on your mysql on OSX, there seems to be lots of solutions about how to fix this, Google hell, this more than likely happens if mysql is running and the OS is updated like from OSX Mountain Lion to Mavericks.

This step-by-step guide is mainly for Free BSD, however the idea is the same for Linux.

Every once a while, when I update my Free BSD box, the system likes to shutdown my My SQL server.


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