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Securus Technologies also offer reliable government information management system, security and surveillance services, parolee tracking system, and more.The primary aim of Securus Technologies is to ensure that the company can better the lives of the inmates, provide the inmates with smart, efficient, and economical communication services, and ensure that the law enforcement agencies have the tools they need to protect the civilians from the criminals.

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Social pressures make it difficult to form a meaningful connections it’s even harder for women to look for and get to know a guy before they are forced into the “m” word – marriage. Founded by Shawn Sheikh, Sahil Diwan, Casey Rondinella and You Tube Comedian Jus Reign, Dus is a unique dating app for Desis that aims to make dating autonomous, safe, and fun.

For some, that means ending up with people they don’t love; for others it means feeling like a failure if they don’t marry. You can keep your profile private (a Hidden Mode feature supposedly hides users from aunties uncles and nosy cousins), yet still connect with people through fun activities like mini games and conversation.

“ I don’t know any of those four-letter words,” says comedian Brian Regan.

“ I want to make sure people are laughing at the idea.


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    An Internet or computer addiction is the excessive use of the former or the latter.