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Alix, Terrance and Elias are expections.(Alix isn't a dateable character and Terrance and Elias' place is the default place for you to sleep at) ¤ You need friend level for giving gifts. [Elias] Likes: Harmonica, Terry the Toaster ¤ On the 12th day you get a cut-scene if you go to the hideout. One day, when you go there you'll see Veon having been caught by Terra and Elias, then you get the option of staying with Elias or Veon, choose staying with Elias.

You get the option of siding with either Terrance or Elias. ¤ Find the red marker (Click on the blue bowl on West Street) and go to South Outskirt and click on the place where the bird drawing is. ¤Raise Elias' affection to Soulmate level and then start paying attention to Fidel. [Aiden] Likes: Glow in the Dark Stars, Toy Horse ¤ Go on a date at least once, since you'll get to see a cut-scene.

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Click on that and Karina will add something to that picture. Every day you come back will have another drawing added on, and you add on something.


There are over 30 different styles of Lord Huron Lonesome Dreams to choose from and any number of them can be displayed together.Once you run out of HP, you click work one more time, and you'll faint.Then once you wake up and everything, go to the Carousel and he should be there.Lemma Soft Forums - Index page Lemma Soft Forums Supporting creators of visual novels and story-based games since 2003. Visit our new games list , blog aggregator , IRC channel , and Discord (new) . Sky: Outside of Xolga's shop there should be this green trash bin. Go to the hotel where Alix is, and if you talk to him, he'll trade you and you'll get a paperclip.


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