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The only complication: She is a videogame character in the Nintendo DS game called "Love Plus." Still, that didn't stop Sal 9000 -- the only name the groom would give -- from marrying Nene in a ceremony witnessed live by thousands on the Web.

When asked if Nene is his dream woman, Sal replied, "Yes, she is.

Anime dating games are great for those who are hopeless romantics or are fans of Japanese manga and anime.

You have just started a new job working as an editor for the publishing house, Chess Monthly.

Get ready to move to a place packed with men waiting to romance with you.

This "otome" game allows you to romance multiple men while playing an interactive, romantic story.

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- Nene Anegasaki is a witty, doe-eyed beauty.

She looks perfectly perky in sexy skirts, doesn't pick fights and is always at one Tokyo man's beck and call -- that is why the 27-year-old decided to marry her.

September 2017 monatlich über alle Änderungen und Neuigkeiten auf informieren wird!

But is there more to its success than the sheer rarity of an unashamedly gay game?

offers up seven dateable dads, running the gamut of body types and fashion styles, each with distinct personalities and storylines to follow, helps balance the scales considerably.

is free to play, but as you might expect from a franchise with so much merchandising as its raison d’etre, there will be in-app purchases you can make to help tip the romantic scales in your favor.

Download links for Android and i OS devices can be found here on the game’s official website.


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