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After retiring in 2012, Avery began working at Lipman, an advertising and creative agency in New York City.He was promoted to senior staffer, but the firm closed without notice in September 2013, reportedly due to financial problems, later filing for bankruptcy, and owing Avery 9,167.Sean Christopher Avery (born April 10, 1980) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player.

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Following this, he was arrested again for assault and battery with a BB gun, disorderly conduct and witness intimidation. Fortunately for him, after paying his dues in prison, he was given a second chance and was able to make a short NHL career out of it.

Full Story Sean Avery is getting exactly what he wants. Quick background for those who missed it yesterday: Sean Avery is the douchebag forward currently playing for the Dallas Stars, acquired in the off season from the New York Rangers.

The most hated piece of sh-t in the NHL, Avery is no stranger to controversy, having made racist remarks in the past about blacks and French Canadians, and last year ridiculing a fellow player suffering from cancer.

He is also known for his eclectic interests, having worked in fashion, most notably as an intern at Vogue magazine; as a model; and as a restaurateur.

He finished his 12-year career with a total of 90 goals, 247 points and 1,533 penalty minutes in 580 games.


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