Liquidating of jewish ghettos

Hitler incorporated the western part of Poland into Germany according to race doctrine.He intended that Poles were to become the slaves of Germany and that the two million Jews therein were to be concentrated in ghettos in Poland's larger cities.Poland, of course, was the first country to be conquered by Nazi Germany.

'The whole of the ghetto's population seemed to be in the main thoroughfare.Jewish neighborhoods thus were transformed into prisons.The five major ghettos were located in Warsaw , Lódz, Kraków, Lublin, and Lvov.By 26 October, Hitler had imposed his own civilian government on Poland, and as part of this Jews were put immediately to manual labour.In December, more regulations followed: Jews over the age of 12 had to wear white armbands showing a blue Star of David, Jews bank accounts were closed, and their houses and businesses were confiscated.*Note: "Warthegau" (or "Wartheland") refers to the section of Poland annexed by the Reich during World War II, and included the entire Poznan province, most of the Lodz province, five Pomeranian districts, and one county of the Warsaw province; see map.


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