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After many events that happened to him, he became nicer.He can be quite dense too, not realizing that Nene or various other girls have a crush on him. In his Junior High School, he complains that he is in the same class with Ushio again. Later that year, he complains that Ushio is better at grades, height and popularity.I'd classify it as a thriller with some dark humor. It's not in English right now but I'm sure that may change soon.

On the day before the school festival, some of Hasumi's students begin to suspect that something is not quite right about him, and that night, the school becomes the site of a bloody massacre. This on is tamer that many but still has plenty of blood.

Takashi Miike has overdone it this time taking a mild mannered handsome high school teacher who the students adore and use him as a father figure and make him into a cold blooded killer.

The first two thirds of this film leads us up to the slaughter by providing in very unique glimpses our teacher's background (thus a "to be continued" frame at this film's end).

Hiromasa, when called to figure out what to do, thinks it is fun to let it be, but Kaneie forces him to fetch Abe Seimei to get rid of the fruit and the curse embedded therein.

As a clan of warriors, the real-life Minamotos were not detectives; instead they have been famous as great archers and swordsmen.


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