Is nick simmons dating rose

That's Amber partying with Nick Simmons, the son of rock legend and Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons.As you can see, the two definitely appear to be more than friends.There's no word on how long Nick and Amber have been involved or if they're officially dating, but we're guessing she's hoping to find out if long, agile tongues run in the family. but Nick Simmons just wants Gene to quit shooting off his mouth about everything other than playing bass for KISS. READ MORE Who wants to be the children of Gene Simmons?

"Unfortunately my now ex husband can't say the same....

She sent temperatures soaring in a range of pieces by the brand, but it was this colour pop purple basque that really caught our attention.

The full set is available to buy now (click right) and it's the perfect thing to spice up your lingerie drawer a little bit.

In addition to grinding up against the actor, she also caressed his face at one point, according to video footage obtained by gossip website

The duo were later photographed leaving the club arm-in-arm alongside a group of friends.


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