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Bill has written so many wonderful songs and is a major force in country music, not only as a writer but as an entertainer, a singer, and a host.

It would be impossible really to measure his worth in this industry, but it's BIG! pen and paper (things have changed since he first began) to write down his story for all of us fans and friends." —Brad Paisley presents a revealing portrait of Bill Anderson, one of the most prolific songwriters in the history of country music.

He attended the University of Georgia and earned a degree in journalism from the university's Henry W.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Becky Anderson is a very popular and highest reputed one of the British journalists working as an anchor for the CNN international’s flagship news and current affairs primetime news program called Connect the World.

She has been previously host to the Business International.

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Well, I've been given that chance and I cannot say enough good things about this good person.Anderson took full advantage of his big break, moving to Nashville and landing a record contract of his own with Decca.1959 – 1978: Career as a Country music singer Before signing to Decca, Anderson recorded for the small TNT label between 19, where he released three singles that failed to chart the Country charts at the time, including a version of "City Lights". The song made Anderson briefly a star in both Country and Pop music.Thankfully Bill and I are still friends, still hanging in and still going strong. Music Row had changed, a new generation of artists and songwriters had transformed the genre, and the Country Music Hall of Fame member and fifty-year Grand Ole Opry star was no longer relevant. Bad investments left him teetering at bankruptcy’s edge. And in Nashville, a music town where youth often carries the day, he was a museum piece—only seen as a nostalgia act, waving from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.In the words of one of my own songs, I would like to say, Bill Anderson, I will always love you." —Dolly Parton "Very few songwriters or artists will be prolific or talented enough to enjoy two or maybe three decades of success. His words and melodies are part of the very foundation upon which country music is built. I’m so glad he chose to pick up his hammer and chisel . Anderson was only in his fifties when he assumed he had climbed all the mountains he was intended to scale.Anderson has finished her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and French from the University of Sussex and held the Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Arizona State University.


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