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They were unable to make their long distance relationship work and were living on different coasts.Now she’s said to be in a new romance with another actor who works with her on the acclaimed On screen, Mary-Kate’s character, Tara, shared some steamy scenes with Silas, played by 20-year-old Hunter.

Don’t you just want to squeeze her cherubic little cheeks? I know she would kick my butt if I got anywhere near her cheeks. Tara’s a born-again Christian from Majestic, the new town next to Agrestic.

She doesn’t stray from her usual look at all does she?

costars, including Justin Kirk ("Andy Botwin"), Romany Malco ("Conrad Shepard"), Tonye Patano ("Heylia James"), and Hunter Parrish ("Hunter Parrish").

"My Agents were telling me about the show, and I did my research, and I was surprised," she explained.

"I went in and met with Jenji, and then I went home. And really everything happened from there." Olsen went on to say, "It's actually one of my favorite shows now, and I'm excited when I get the scripts every week.


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