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Or hard-core, much-needed dramatic training (and in the back of his mind, perhaps angering the spirits)? I said, I’m sorry, I didn’t follow your advice.’ And she said, ‘No, no, no. “I have to tell you, I was at Pine-wood Studios last week, and Annie Semler was there. And it’s crazy, but pretty much everything she’s told me has come true.” A few years later, while working on “Correlli,” another Australian TV show, Jackman met actress Deborra-Lee Furness, who was already a star Down Under. “When I married Deb, I’ll never forget the minister giving the sermon. One of the best sermons I’ve ever heard in my life. I’m just going to tell you one little bit of advice about marriage.

The very same day I was offered a slot at a very prestigious drama school.” Now he had a major choice to make: Real-world experience on a big-time TV show? I immediately rang up Annie because I didn’t know what would happen. You’ve made the absolute perfect choice.” He smiles.

To prepare for his latest X-Men role as Wolverine (his sixth time as the popular hero), Hugh got back into fighting shape by hitting the gym for three hours a day and eating lean meals every two hours. The youngest of five children, Hugh was raised in Sydney, Australia.

When Hugh, his wife and two children moved from Australia to New York in 2009, their lives instantly became more public. "I'm not going to be out dating this person and that person and getting drunk and swearing and giving you the middle finger.

Hugh can recall saying goodbye to her before school and returning to an empty house.

“I passed out because I’d ripped out all the muscles attached to the lower left part of my spine.” Leading up to that moment, young Hugh had grown 11 inches the previous year. His spine and legs had erupted into adolescence, and his muscles and tendons hadn’t had time to catch up. They leave deep, memory-flooded furrows in our minds, places we return to when we’re trying to make sense of new situations. So abdominal conditioning has been a priority for him ever since, and the foundation of training for every physical role he’s ever taken—from playing Wolverine in the “My transformation covers about 30 years. In those moments, ask yourself one question: ‘Is this good or bad for my marriage? If it’s bad, you don’t.’ “That really stuck with me,” Jackman says.

They’ve made him the man he is today, and there’s a reason he wouldn’t give any of them back. “I spent about 10 days lying in bed [after the catch],” he says. But Jackman had to slowly nurse his entire core to health and into good enough condition to support his back—forever, basically. When I hear the news, all I can think about is this white witch, Annie Semler, things are going to happen very quickly.” Here Jackman’s voice turns conspiratorial. At any point in your marriage, there will be times of difficulty, decision making, or some kind of crisis.


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