How to log into msn without updating

Setting up a new email address typically means setting up a new account with all the hassle that entails when you’re trying to save information in the account.Email providers make it difficult (if not nearly impossible) to move the information stored in your account to another provider. All of the discussion here is about an orderly, planned transition from one account to another, and assumes you have access to both.

“The best email app for the i Phone.” - The Verge Meet Outlook for i OS, the app that helps millions of users connect all their email accounts, calendars and files in one convenient spot.

Never fear, however, as there's an update available that should correct this.

From Microsoft: In a few weeks, we will be making some changes to our email services that might impact your, @hotmail, @live, or @msn email account.

Email sent to the new email address is delivered to the new email account. Unfortunately, one of the very common reasons for changing your email address is because you’ve lost your old one and can’t get it back. The best you can do is to set up your new account, tell all of your contacts (the ones you can remember, anyway), try to change your contact email address at your various online services, and move on with your life.

This is perhaps the best time to consider purchasing your own domain and setting up your email address on that.


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