Hot chat bots

But, as with any piece of new technology that’s looking to alter the operations process of a business, chatbots are an add-on tool should be evaluated to determine whether adding the AI solution is adding any value.

Adding a piece of technology — especially smart technology — without weighing out its value add will likely result in wasted time and money for multiple involved parties.

So, having bots in messaging apps like Telegram or Messenger is actually nothing new, and what they did back then is similar to what they do now.

Last year, brands including Air Bn B, Evernote, and Spotify started using chatbots on Twitter to provide 24/7 customer service.

This is especially true since So while the adoption of intelligent assistants and chatbots is growing at a colossal rate, contrary to popular belief and media hype, they’re actually nothing new.

We’ve had them for over fifty years in the Natural Language Processing community and they’re a great example of the core mission of NLP – programming computers to understand how humans communicate.

Sometimes seen as a small pop-up window in the lower right-hand corner of the screen welcoming visitors to the site — and offering up assistance or a help link on the contact page — these smart technology bots have traditionally been utilized by retailers for customer service-related issues.

Within the past year, though, Facebook has been given credit for helping to revitalize chatbots.


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