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It might be a treasured value in many human cultures, but monogamy is rare in the animal kingdom at large.Of the roughly 5,000 species of mammals, only 3 to 5 percent are known to form lifelong pair bonds.

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After the release of the film, producers failed to finance Marins for his project.Director José Mojica Marins' biggest box-office film ever: Three young men make a wager on which one is able to have sex with more partners in a 24-hour period.They take several women to a beach house where the contest takes place.They professionals, therefore the small languid horse dick quickly becomes powerful and begins insane sex...Sometimes girls want unusual, for example sex with horse.They hire an obese and flamboyant gay man to be the judge and keep tally. One man comments to another that "these women look like something from a Coffin Joe movie".


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