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Chris Cornell became 'cocky and aggressive' when confronted over his drug taking minutes before he was found dead, according to a report of the singer's final conversation with his wife.TMZ claims Vicky phoned Cornell 30 minutes before his death to ask why he was turning the lights in their family home on and off, which he could do remotely from his phone.Details surrounding Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell’s suicide were published Friday by The Detroit News, which obtained a copy of a report filed by officers who responded to the scene.According to the article, the report says Cornell’s wife, Vicky, asked his bodyguard to check on the singer after a telephone conversation in which he repeatedly said, “I am just tired.” The bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, went to Cornell’s room at the MGM Grand Hotel shortly after midnight and found the main door and a door to the bedroom suite locked; he forced both doors open.After Cornell started saying words that made no sense, a panicked Vicky hung up and ordered the singer's bodyguard to run to his Detroit hotel room to make sure he was ok.But after the bodyguard managed to break through both doors into the room he found the singer's dead body.

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Dr Werner Spitz is a forensic pathologist who has worked on a number of high-profile cases, including the investigations of the assassinations of president John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Spitz reviewed the autopsy report Friday and said he was interested by the position of Cornell's body, saying it was partially suspended, the Detroit Free Press reported.

'The way (Cornell) was found means he was able to regulate the pressure on his neck,' Spitz told the outlet Friday evening.'In theory, it could be an accident.'Forensic pathologist, Dr Werner Spitz, left, reviewed Chris Cornell's autopsy report Friday.

But for the most part, it just a bunch of sober folks, having birthday parties for their kids, barbque pool parties, stuff like that. I'm not quite sure where all of these negative stories regarding Vicky are coming from. The woman just lost her husband, and the father of her children, and three kids just lost their dad.

And in a horrible way, too.r6 do you know anything re his relationship with Brad Pitt? Unfortunately, whatever friends this woman has left are the ones likely coming out of the woodwork to defend her.


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