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During the initial phases of a controversy, the program known as GGAuto Blocker was created under the false pretense of being a tool to combat online harassment.(F2) However the true intention of the tool is not to prevent harassment, but rather create a list of targets that they identify as harassers simply by following or associating with a person under the hashtag.(I’m into redundancy, especially when it comes to backing up data.) Anybody can export the collected tweets from Twapperkeeper as a compressed file, but I’m also posting here my own archives.The first is an XML file of the over 1,600 tweets marked with the #MLA09 hashtag, dating from November 28, 2009 all the way to just about midnight on December 31, 2009: #MLA09 (I’ve zipped the xml file for easier downloading).Second is an Excel version of the file, which has stripped away some of the XML tags, but is a more reader-friendly document: MLA09There is also a Google Docs version of the file: I hope people find these archives useful.You can easily create some superficial data visualizations, such as the word cloud pictured above [larger version], but I imagine some more sophisticated analysis can be done as well.

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(For real.) Lately, commercial and editorial photography is keeping Smith busy more days than not.This includes running the WHOIS servers within the domain name, which allow for domain name registration details to be searched.Aus Registry also operates the primary name server, which is the master name server within the domain name system zone.Twitter user @Mc Mannofthepeople hosts "Hashtag, You're It" every Tuesday morning.This week's hashtag of choice, #Batman Dating Problems, took off in a hurry to become a top trending topic in under two hours.Kimberly Moffit is Canada's favourite media relationship expert.


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