Good double dating ideas

For the not-so-musically-inclined, hit Movieoke at The Whistler on the first Monday of every month, where instead of song lyrics, you'll be quoting your favorite movie scenes on stage.Just stay away from anything from Grab a blanket, pack some snacks, bring a bottle of wine, and kick back on the lawn.CBS2/KCAL9 is part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp.and one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country.The other weekend my husband and I met up with some friends for dinner and a movie.For as long as I’ve known him and his friends, double dates were always their thing.From improv shows and ice cream crawls, to Segway tours and staycations, here are the best ways to woo a significant other in the Second City now.

Pull out all of your board games for a friendly night of competition. If the weather is bad, try an indoor skating rink.8. Rent a four-wheeler, snowmobile, scooter, waver runner, or other vehicle and do a little exploring.9. Six Sisters shared this great list of 50 fun date ideas for cheap or free, from their new book of recipes, activity and craft ideas, and more, . Use a fondue pot (or slow cooker) and dip fresh fruit, cake, cookies, marshmallows, and pretzels in melted chocolate. Just what can you do to have a great date for cheap or free? Pretty Darn Funny just released its first episode of season 2, and it's about a situation we're all pretty familiar with: how to come up with date ideas to create a great date night for you and your spouse while dealing with busy schedules and tight finances. And make sure to stay tuned for more funny videos from Pretty Darn Funny, released each Monday! Their solution is quarter night at the Cheap Seats discount theater—"two tickets, a large popcorn, and a goodie bag all for 25 cents." Or course, they also got a few other things thrown in the deal, like a mysterious infestation and a homeless man squatting in the theater. This time around, make the evening truly memorable. 4th St St., Suite 102 Santa Ana, CA 92701 (714) 560-4444 a truly unique dining experience, and a memorable double date, it is hard to beat ‘The Playground’ in downtown Santa Ana.


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