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In my mind I was super environmental, or as my grandma called me, a real "treehugger." Everyone thought of me as the sustainability girl, so that meant that I was totally doing my share for the earth, right? In one of my classes, there was another student who always brought a plastic bag containing a plastic clamshell full of food, a plastic water bottle, plastic cutlery, and a bag of chips.

I was trying to maintain a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend, but our time to talk was limited due to his packed baseball schedule, my two jobs, and, most of all, the fact that we’d only dated for a month before heading to separate schools.

I’ve picked up all sorts of women in bars and nightclubs and they’re usually just “girl next door” type girls who are simply dressed up in a more sexy way than usual.

I’ve picked up women who work as lawyers, dental assistants, models, office managers and so on.

"I always thought of the Fox ladies as being gorgeous--everyone always looks really put together." That's no accident, either.

For the past 12 years, the network has employed Gwen Marder, a wardrobe whisperer who is tasked with dressing more than 200 people for a variety of news programs--and keeping things visually interesting during the 24 hour news cycle.


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