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· Introduction to Operating Systems · Linux Basics · Working with the System · Shells and Utilities · Editing Files · Basic Administration · The Operating System · The X Windowing System · The Computer Itself · Networking · System Monitoring · Solving Problems · Security · Installing and Upgrading · Linux and Windows This section provides an introduction to basic operating system principles from a Linux perspective.

We talk about processes, files and directories and the basics of how a user interacts with the system.

But this is very much a feature, not a bug: ustwo calls Rando an “anti-social photosharing app”.

(There are still a fair few bugs in the app though — but ustwo says a new more stable build should go live on the App Store tomorrow.) This means that Rando feels closer in philosophy to ephemeral photo-messaging app Snapchat, which deliberates curtails social exposure by auto-destructing photos after they have been viewed, than it does to a highly visible, highly self-conscious image swapping network like Instagram.

The material here is based on my book Linux User's Resource, with a great many additions and I continue to add to the site almost daily.

Considering the scope of this information, it is possible (if not likely) that there are mistakes in here.

You can’t like photos, favourite them, comment on them or share them to other social networks directly from the app.

/.gimp-2.6/gimprc which may override system settings. Comments are introduced by a hash sign (#), and continue until the end of the line. Regardless of this setting, at least as many undo-levels as configured can be undone.

These properties may be set by lisp-like assignments of the form: (style solid) (fgcolor (color-rgba 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000)) (bgcolor (color-rgba 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000)) (xspacing 10.000000) (yspacing 10.000000) (spacing-unit inches) (xoffset 0.000000) (yoffset 0.000000) (offset-unit inches)) Sets an upper limit to the memory that is used per image to keep operations on the undo stack.

Setting aside sending and viewing randos (and waiting to receive them), all you can currently do is delete received randos so they don’t live forever in your stack, or flag a rando as inappropriate — always a risk with apps that let strangers swap visual messages.

Still, the risk of Rando being with porn, a la Chatroulette or the early days of Vine, seems fairly low.


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