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Some people refuse to recognize online cheating as infidelity because it happens only in the virtual world.The truth is that you don’t have to have physical contact with someone to be cheating.The Internet has brought the possibility and the availability of cheating into each and every home.Research has confirmed what most people with common sense suspect: Internet cheating is just as damaging as physical cheating.Somehow my wife found out and accused me of having an affair. Have you both considered if this relationship is really what you want? How do you feel about separation either temporarily while you address issues, or permanently?She left me for a while to live with her parents but came back when I told her how I loved her and didn’t want a divorce. I feel like I’m being punished for something I didn’t even do and I don’t know how we can move on. If all conversations currently lead to arguments it may be worth finding other ways to talk about issues – perhaps writing down how you feel, taking it in turns while one talks and the other actively listens, or having several short and time limited conversations rather than one big talk or arguments with no apparent end point.

Perhaps it will hurt less when your husband finds out about your online activities than if you were meeting a man in person to have sex, but don’t kid yourself. Traditionally, affairs were relationships that began at work and ended up in motel rooms or at home while a spouse was out. Now with the rise of the Internet, women are catching up and starting to cheat through the virtual world.You knew this was a secret non-monogamous relationship.In your longer letter, you go on to say ‘it never became sexual’, ‘it didn’t mean anything’, ‘I feel like I’m being punished for something I didn’t even do’ and that your wife ‘accused’ you of ‘having an affair’.Wednesday, the majority of respondents said one may stray without ever making physical contact.About 47% of readers said unfaithfulness can begin when people are sending e-mails and texts without their partner's knowledge." "When the relationship has to be kept secret from your partner it is wrong.One of the weirdest, most enchanting, and most delicate gifts God has given us is the gift of flirtation.


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