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He was ok with it and as soon as that happened she knocks on the door.

These typing short cuts are also used in Email messages, IM messenger programs such as MSN and Yahoo, and commonly used today in SMS messages as text shortcuts when texting on mobile or cell phones.

Some acronyms used for text messaging can be hurtful or inappropriate.

By understanding how acronyms are used and what they stand for, parents can make sure their teens are practicing safe online behavior.

12/21/2013 Now I this may sound like the run of the mill female to female experience ever college student or seem like a lame porno but I assure you ever bit of it is 100% true.

The year is 2000 and Luke and I are at the beginning of our relationship and are doing the long distance thing.


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    TIP 1: Make sure you are both aligned to what you want.