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Hull played on the Great Britain and Ireland Curtis Cup team in 2012.

She lost her fourballs and foursomes matches on the first two days but won her singles match on the final day as the GB&I team beat the United States team 10½–9½.

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Thanks to Seacourt for their hospitality and a great educational experience.

We certainly enjoyed the Bangor area, and hope to make a return trip with a new group of students in the future!

”The connection with JBU is just one of several active links Seacourt has forged and maintained in the US.

We would like to thank him and the students for travelling 4,000 miles to learn new skills at Seacourt.”Bob Martin said, “Our student art studies group from John Brown University has had an amazing time at Seacourt Print Workshop these past two weeks.Have you ever noticed that your mood is better in the summer?This makes sense when you consider that mood swings often run in cycles, depending on the natural light where you live.“It’s certainly tempting to spend more time outside in the summer, so one must make a focused effort to keep bright light exposure at about the same amount of time per day, year round,” adds Dr. “What matters is the amount of bright light entering the eye, which has been shown to have a significant impact on brain chemistry…so sunglasses help.” Even though it helps to read a reasonable explanation about why we often get manic in the summer, it’s still hard to take it seriously. However, this good feeling is often the result of mania and therefore has to be monitored carefully.Mania is so tricky—it can sneak up on you in just a few hours.His name was Martanda Bhairava Tondaiman, and he was the ruler of the princely state of Pudukkottai in British India, today in southern India.


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