Error updating view mail

You can also contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or company email server administrator about your email account to ask them if they plan to upgrade their Exchange Server to a newer version.If so, and after the Exchange upgrade, you can reinstall Outlook 2016 for Windows.If you try to access your email account using an email client such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, etc, it'll now allow you to sign in using your current password.It'll show you an incorrect password error message even if your password is absolutely correct.The pages pulled through fine as if they were successfully scanned but the document doesn't transfer to the file.

(Code DS32003.)" Then it gives the options of Retry or Cancel.I have heaps of documents that need to be scanned asap. So you are saying that you actually do scan fine in Kofax mode, but that the error is encountered after the software somehow switches to native mode?When you switch back to Kofax mode, are you able to continue scanning? I was scanning in External mode which was working great until I got the error. Kofax mode will give you more options than external mode and is the recommended mode unless, as with some scanners, Kofax mode does not work and Native mode is the only option. In External mode the little window pops up and lets me change all kinds of things (ADF Simplex, ADF Duplex, Flatbed, DPI, Color, Page Size, etc.) In Kofax mode I don't get any options other than what was saved in Kofax application.Recently Microsoft enabled this in its Gmail service since long time.If you enabled 2-step verification feature in your Microsoft or Gmail account, you might be facing a weird issue.The same problem will also occur if you try to sign in using your Microsoft account in devices such as Xbox 360 or Android smartphones.


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