Error updating quickfinder indexes

The shortcut is "Cmd-Shift-L", btw, not "Ctrl-Shift-L" (but that also might depend on the platform).

If it still doesn't work, we need to take a deeper look at why this doesn't work on your end.

jpg ma" means any file without "jpg" or without "ma". In normal folder view it caching once and than uses the result that stored on Temp folder.

Regarding Ro HS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, UL approval, IMDS, BOMCheck and more, please refer to above sub menu "Material Data".

1) I want do search all files including "ma", but no images: "ma !

jpg" or "ma" alone work fine.) 2) I have no posibility to set up configuration, as Quick Search doesn't appear in TCconfiguration. (I have to start tcmatch64) 3) After setting by tcmatch64the Additional User Interface seems buggy: very large, no way to minimize without Button Captions, disapeares atfter restart. You have the plugins configuration program for this purpose 3) No problem with the User interface here even with large DPI settings_________________Windows 10 x64 Creators Update Build 15063.540 TC 9.0a x64 and x86 I expected this symbol in config, or menu, or buttons, ... And the extended menu differs extremly from the picture in help file.

The STS repository is only one: hard to say what is going wrong here.

Please check the list of available update sites in the preferences and make sure you have the right ones for your STS version.


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