Emma watson dating razorlight

Borrell, 27, did not know the 17-year-old played Hermione in the films when he met her at the Vanity Fair party.It was only when fans called her name as they left London’s National Portrait Gallery, that Kirsten Dunst’s ex realised he’d wooed another actress.

How much did Emma Watson earn filming The Tale of Despereaux?

‘They then left the pub, heads together and whispering,’ the source tells the Daily Mirror.

Dating speculation has hit Emma Watson soon following heavy media report that she's been spotted stepping out with bad boy rocker Johnny Borrell of the band Razorlight.

The photographs were so beautiful and I was chuffed with the book of all them that they gave me.

I met Christopher Bailey (the designer which was really exciting, I also met Johnny Borrell (who is modeling for Burberry at the moment) and went on to PPQ in the same cab.


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