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In the catalog record, the extent of the back file is indicated in the holdings statement.The fold along which a signature is gathered to form the binding edge of a book, left uncut in sewn bindings but trimmed in perfect binding to allow the adhesive to bond more securely.On the contrary, it produces more desperation, violence and thus instability. Recalling the Council of Europe’s humanitarian and legal principles, the Assembly strongly condemns human rights violations in the fight against terrorism, which have now for well over a decade proven not only to be unlawful but also totally ineffective. It stresses that in order to prevent future serious human rights violations, all law inforcement agencies active in the Chechen Republic should receive additional orders from the highest authorities to respect basic human rights in the course of the operations.This is particularly true for certain Chechen security forces. Both the democratic process and the fight against impunity must benefit from the work of strong and independent non-governmental human rights organisations.The vices against which he warns them are: formalism, which made the service of God consist in washings and outward ceremonies, whereas he reminds them () that it consists rather in active love and purity; fanaticism, which, under the cloak of religious zeal, was tearing Jerusalem in pieces (); fatalism, which threw its sins on God (); meanness, which crouched before the rich (2:2); falsehood, which had made words and oaths play-things (3:2-12); partisanship (); evil speaking (); boasting (); oppression (5:4).The great lesson which he teaches them as Christians is patience, patience in trial (1:2), patience in good works (-25), patience under provocation (), patience under oppression (5:7), patience under persecution (); and the ground of their patience is that the coming of the Lord drawing nigh, which is to right all wrong (5:8).The author identifies himself in the opening verse as "James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ".

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Framed within an overall theme of patient perseverance during trials and temptations, the text condemns various sins and calls on Christians to be patient while awaiting the Second Coming.He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979 "for contributions to the theory of the unified weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, including, inter alia, the prediction of the weak neutral current".on the human rights situation in the Chechen Republic. The Assembly is deeply concerned that a fair number of governments, member states and the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe have failed to address the ongoing serious human rights violations in a regular, serious and intensive manner, despite the fact that such violations still occur on a massive scale in the Chechen Republic and, in some cases, neighbouring regions in a climate of impunity. The Assembly reiterates its unambiguous condemnation of all acts of terrorism and expresses its understanding of the difficulties the Russian Federation faces in combating terrorism. The Assembly welcomes the fact that a number of criminal cases were opened and some perpetrators were taken to court and encourages the Public Prosecutor’s office to intensify its efforts. Both federal and regional law enforcement authorities must effectively investigate numerous specific and well-documented allegations of enforced disappearances, murder and torture brought to the attention of international public opinion and of the Assembly in recent months by non-governmental human rights organisations.The Assembly expresses concern that the recently adopted law on the legal status of civil society organizations falls short of the standards of the Council of Europe.The Assembly is also concerned about reports on administrative and judicial harassment of some non-governmental organizations, and - in line with Resolution 1455 - reiterates its call on the Russian government to give NGOs the possibility to do their important work by creating administrative, fiscal and political conditions for the normal functioning of Russian civil society. The Assembly urges the Russian government to fully implement all recommendations made by the bodies and mechanisms of the Council of Europe, as well as those of the UN. In view of the seriousness of the human rights violations in the Chechen Republic, the Assembly is most dissatisfied with the replies of the Committee of Ministers to its recommendations. the Committee of Ministers’ monitoring of the human rights situation in the Chechen Republic, launched by the Secretary General in June 2000, is now de facto at a standstill since the spring of 2004, despite repeated calls by the Assembly to intensify monitoring efforts; 14.2.the Committee of Ministers did not take any “specific action” by virtue of the 1994 Declaration on compliance with commitments, after the Assembly had formally seized it in Such an omission is unacceptable, especially as the Assembly had used for the first time the mechanism the Committee of Ministers had itself set up for this purpose; 15.


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