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He traces the history of imagined visions of Earth from space and explores what happened when imagination met reality.

The photographs of Earth represented a turning point, Poole contends.

It was a moment that invited and continues to offer us a fundamental change in perspective.

Although the theory that the earth was a sphere had been proposed by ancient Greek thinkers from Pythagoras onwards, such thinking remained theoretical for hundreds more years, and still remains today, as we make our way laboriously around our streets, mountains and seas, largely implausible.

“LRO experiences 12 earthrises every day; however the spacecraft is almost always busy imaging the lunar surface so only rarely does an opportunity arise such that its camera instrument can capture a view of Earth,” NASA writes.

The picture is a composite stitched from photos captured back on October 12th.

On the earth, the sunset terminator crosses Africa.

The south pole is in the white area near the left end of the terminator. The lunar surface probably has less pronounced color than indicated by this print. This is the first photograph taken by man of Earth from Deep Space. For another Earthrise, see the Apollo 11 Earthrise In December of 1968, the Apollo 8 crew flew from the Earth to the Moon and back again.

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Earthrise tells the remarkable story of the first photographs of Earth from space and the totally unexpected impact of those images.

The Apollo “Earthrise” and “Blue Marble” photographs were beamed across the world some forty years ago.

Earthrise allowed us to feel a kind of care, even love, for the planet.

Viewed from space, we see it protected from terrific bombardments of meteorites and solar and cosmic rays, and made habitable, only by an infinitesimally thin membrane – which it is now wholly in our remit to destroy.


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