Diamond from crime mob and lil scrappy dating

With all the inquiries into her personal life, Diamond remains coy about her new love, but wanted to surround herself with only positive people.“I just focus on being successful, anybody that I associate myself with has to be, for me, just be cool and understanding,” she states.One wishes the same street smarts in self-promotion had translated into lyrical acumen on their album, but the Crime Mob don't reach that plateau. That's not to say that "Crime Mob" isn't an interesting album, especially if you're a lover of crunk music.The Mob uses that hardcore dirty South sound to the fullest on their lead single (and what will undoubtedly be their most popular ringtone) "Knuck if You Buck." Combined with a guest verse from rising star Lil Scrappy, this is the one track on the whole album guaranteed to push units. (free Pimp C) have all proved you can be crunk and commercially successful by being both crunk and clever; mixing their verbals with both soft and hard beats while beating up punchlines and dropping more gems than Jacob on tracks. It's not just their attitude, it's their whole style of rhyming.May 17, 2017: Bambi from Love & Hip Hop just made some STARTLING allegations on social media – against her ex-boyfriend Scrappy. Bambi made a cryptic post about her relationship with Scrappy was like being “signed to Death Row Records.” Rappers signed to Death Row records were frequently verbally and physically abused by then head of label Marion “Suge” Knight.Bambi and Lil Scrappy called off their engagement and ended their relationship late last year.On the show, she spoke out against the pressure on female rappers to be oversexualized. (All the rappers are mentored by a big-name urban artist throughout the show.) While she’s trying to build her name in New York, she is dealing with the personal issue of her homesick girlfriend, Renaye.

The success of this critically acclaimed release resulted in the group's freshman release being named one of the NY Times Top 10 albums of 2005, a cult-like fan base and 300k soundscanned reasons to release their sophomore offering, Hated On Mostly. The show begins by focusing on Siya, a New York rapper who wants to be “the first openly gay rapper,” in her words.She is a butch lesbian rapper and wants to depend on her lyrics, not her looks, to get ahead in the hip-hop industry.The streets of the inner city can be ruthless and unforgiving; but they can also be a breeding ground for the kind of raw, exciting talent that has made hip hop what it is today.For the members of Atlanta-based Crime Mob, music is more than just another hustle.It’s a song that, for a group of teenage renegades, aptly sums up their never-scared, in-your-face attitude as well as the attitudes of many of their peers. self-titled CD, a set loaded with brash, hardcore fight songs that are as crunk as anything to ever come out of the Dirty South.


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