Depredating goose eggs

Returning the egg to the nest misleads the goose into believing the egg is still developing. Though considered more humane than hunting by some, it is not as cost-effective as other measures, such as extended hunting seasons and professional culling.

In order to work effectively, addling must be conducted in a manner that does not arouse the suspicion of the goose, and must not change the odor, appearance or texture of the egg.

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Registrants authorized to operate under the program may not sell, offer for sale, barter, or ship for the purpose of sale or barter any resident Canada goose nest or egg taken under this section.Egg depredation is the act of plundering an egg so that it will not go through the incubation process.Ohio Geese Control works with the Division of Wildlife to ensure the overall population of Canada geese is in balance when implementing egg depredation.Oiling, shaking, puncturing the goose eggs or removing the eggs and replacing them with substitutes are all forms of addling.Successfully puncturing or shaking eggs is difficult and can result in the embryo’s continued development producing deformed goslings and other unwanted outcomes.According to the Humane Society of the United States, the U. Fish and Wildlife Service no longer requires special permits to addle eggs in the contiguous United States, but one must register with the Service first (Resident Canada Goose Nest and Egg Registration Site).


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