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Learning how to use validation effectively takes practice. Being present means giving all your attention to the person you are validating.

Knowing the six levels of validation as identified by Marsha Linehan, Ph. Being present for yourself means acknowledging your internal experience and sitting with it rather than "running away" from it, avoiding it, or pushing it away. Even happiness or excitement can feel uncomfortable at times.

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Hedy and Peter couldn’t go more than three days without some conflict.

Each of them felt outraged about the continued betrayal and disappointment that coated their emotional tongues.

There's no denying that this is a frightening time for couples.

The story of Peter and Hedy will help you find out which fits your connection and offers tips on making your relationship a peaceful validating one.But the positivity must outweigh the negativity by five to one.If you are worried about the future of your marriage or relationship, you have plenty of company.Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person's thoughts,feelings, sensations, and behaviors as understandable. Holding someone's hand when they are having a painful medical treatment, listening with your whole mind and doing nothing but listening to a child describe their day in first grade, and going to a friend's house at midnight to sit with her while she cries because a supposed friend told lies about her are all examples of being present.Self-validation is the recognition and acceptance of your own thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviors as understandable. Multi-tasking while you listen to your teenager's story about his soccer game is not being present.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.


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