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If red tape in government is considered criminal or frowned upon, why are there no fines or punishments set by law on big business and their accountants who question every piece of paper, create mountains of requirements just to push back and delay payments to suppliers!Imagine yourself as an aspiring business person, artist, talent or service provider with limited capital of P1 to P10 million but fortunate enough to get a purchase order, win a bid or land a contract with big companies, corporate giants or mega retailers even a government office.Many small manufacturers are content looking at the "bottom line" and measuring their company's performance based on whether they are making money.However, as important as this bottom line is, it is equally important to measure key factors that contribute to this number.

Instead of interrupting just one person at a time, we could interrupt hundreds, maybe even thousands. ” Because not only has the medium changed, but the buying audience has as well.

HD videos are better than SD videos in terms of quality and also bulkier in file size.

Both formats can be played on wide range of devices like MAC, PC, laptop, mobiles, etc.

We didn’t care if our prospects were eating dinner with the family, in the middle of a project, or were just trying to relax. As Ryan states, the connected generation doesn’t want to be interrupted by sales messages or gimmicks. They want to know, like, and trust you before they would even consider buying from you. I probably won’t kiss on the second or third date either. You may be thinking, that’s great Brent, but doesn’t something have to be sold to stay in business? Let the relationship play out naturally and stop being so pushy. You earned likability, trust, and credibility over time.

Even though the timing is not right, you reach over to land a big smooch. We wanted any potential customer to hear our message loud and clear. Unless, you were at summer camp together probably not.


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